Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Miss Brooks - July 31, 1949 - Connie's New Job Offer

When Connie gets an offer for a new job, Mr. Conklin finds himself going out of his way to try to keep her from leaving.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fibber McGee & Molly - January 30, 1945 - Housing a Sailor for the Night

The McGees agree to put up a discharged sailor for the night, and they discuss his future with him. This episode highlights the problems faced by returning servicemen, and promotes the merchant marine.

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Jack Benny - January 30, 1944 - The Horn Blows at Midnight

After squabbling with the cast, Jack discusses his new movie that's about to start shooting, "The Horn Blows at Midnight". Jack, Mary and Rochester take a ride to Warners to see the director.

"The Horn Blows at Midnight" wasn't nearly as bad a movie, and didn't do nearly as poorly at the box office as Benny liked to joke in later years. He got a lot of mileage out of it, though - whenever this movie was mentioned, it was sure to be the setup line for a joke.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Favorite Husband - August 6, 1948 - Liz' Portrait

George gets jealous when a prominent and hunky artist paints Liz' portrait.

This was the third episode of My Favorite Husband broadcast, and in these early episodes, Liz and George Cugat are a wealthy society couple. A ways into the series, the writers who would later make I Love Lucy such a success - Bob Carroll, Jr., Madelyn Pugh, and Jess Oppenheimer - changed the Cugats to the Coopers and brought them down a few social pegs, figuring that they'd be easier to identify with.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Miss Brooks - July 19, 1948 - First Day

In the series' first regular episode, Connie is trying to become head of the Madison HS English department, and has to impress the new principal, Mr. Conklin. Joseph Forte played Conklin in this episode, and was replaced the next week by Gale Gordon, who held the role through the rest of the show's long run.

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Fibber McGee & Molly - July 15, 1935 - A Dip in the Ocean

This episode is from the very early days of the series; the McGees don't live at Wistful Vista yet. Instead, they're vagabonds traveling the country by car and extolling the virtues of Johnson's auto wax. The Fibber and Molly segments are more like sketches in a variety show than the sitcom the show would become.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jack Paar - July 13, 1947 - Children's Adventure Shows

Sketches include a man-in-the-street segment about the UFO craze, and a spoof of adventure serials using old nursery rhymes. Supporting players are Lionel Stander, Hans Conried, Florence Halop and Walter Tetley.

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Fibber McGee & Molly - July 5, 1937 - Getting Out of the Hollywood Lease

An overeager McGee signed a six month lease upon arrival in Hollywood to film the movie "This Way Please"; when the shooting is finished, he must find a way to break the lease.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jack Benny - January 7, 1940 - Golden Boy

Phil loses a Rose Bowl bet to Jack; Jack meets Barbara Stanwyck at the nightclub where Phil's performing, and tries to talk her into appearing on his show in her role from "Golden Boy". Dennis Day sings "With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair".

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You Bet Your Life - July 2, 1956 - Pancho Gonzalez

In this unedited episode, Groucho meets a 6-foot-tall woman and a 13-year-old boy singer, a Scottish bartender and a female tree trimmer, tennis pro Pancho Gonzalez and a housewife, and tells a story about traveling in the days of vaudeville.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bob Hope - July 1, 1953 - Jane Wyman

Bob runs into a gangster (Sheldon Leonard) while on vacation with Jane Wyman; Margaret Whiting sings "Big Mamou".